working decks

The Adfinis Working Deck Systems (1/2 Shaft Platform) are constructed and designed to suit your Lift installation requirements, and will provide a Certified and Safe solution for your Lift Installers when a project commences prior to the completion of the Lift Shafts/Core

Benefits, General information and specifications

  • NO REAR WALL PENETRATIONS REQUIRED – Unique ability to be installed with or without Penetrations in rear wall, which gives you the ultimate timing flexibility to plan your Lift installation
  • Engineered to suit Plumb line / DBG Rail, and Counterweight Rail clearance
  • Convenience outweighs use and cost of Scaffolding
  • Fast installation & removal
  • Load Rating – 2.5 kPa (254 kg/m2) – 10 kPa (1019 kg/m2)
  • Dimensions – up to 4000mm Depth x 3900 Width per single shaft
  • Multiple Shaft Fitment
  • Relocatable to a higher Level installation as Lift Shaft construction progresses
  • Template location point
  • Ability to suspend False Cars from or above Working Deck using Lifting Beams
  • Single & Multiple Guide Rail lifts options available from Working Deck
  • AS 4431 – New Lift Structures Compliance

Adfinis services that can also be utilised in conjunction with the Working Deck System include:



Please contact your local Adfinis Pty Ltd branch for further information regarding the best solution to meet your needs