Services-False Cars

Adfinis False Cars have been designed and developed to provide a cost effective, safe solution, to eliminate the need for traditional scaffolding use inside the Elevator Lift Shaft.


Adfinis False Car systems are constructed, installed and maintained by our experienced personnel and can be installed in approx 4 hours, providing you faster access times to begin your Lift Installation


General Information and Specifications:

  • Daily Hire rates available on application
  • Platform Dimensions from 1.8 M2 (1990 x 900) to 14.8 M2 (3900 x 3790)
  • DBG Range – 900mm – 3790mm
  • Rope length from 10 mtr to 150 mtr
  • Safety handrail up to 1100mm
  • Over speed Safety Lock (Skylock Type II & III)
  • Instantaneous safety brake
  • Load capacity up to 250 kg (Personnel & Equipment)
  • Guide Rail fitment – 10mm / 16mm / 19mm / 28mm
  • AS4431-1996 Compliance

Adfinis services utilised in conjunction with False Cars

Please contact your local Adfinis Pty Ltd branch for further information regarding the best solution to meet your needs