Every Lift Entrance opening must be covered and secured by a hinged and lockable door during lift construction.


Adfinis Pty Ltd Lift Protection Gates will fit any door frame up to 2500mm wide & 2500mm high.  (Standard)


Additional benefits and services;

  • Daily Hire rates available on application
  • ‘Keyed a like’ access to all Lift Shaft Protection Gates
  • Larger applications (Height / Width) available upon request – Shopping Centres / Hospitals / Car lifters
  • Internal Lift Shaft Barriers are available to enable safe internal Lift Gate Access
  • Controlled area access available to restrict access to Lift Shaft Lobbies
  • Lift Shaft Gates are anchored to wall and floor using 50mm Concrete Anchor Bolts

Safety Features include;

  • “Night Latch” type lock’s (cannot be locked open)
  • Keyless operation (from inside Lift well)
  • 5 point anchor system
  • Toe Guard on base
  • Full AS4431-1996 Compliance

Delivery, Install, Daily hire & Removal services provided by Adfinis Pty Ltd.


Please contact your local Adfinis Pty Ltd branch for further information regarding the best solution to meet your needs